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W3 Featured in the Journal News

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Women Walking West is a group based in Butler County that removes educational, financial and social barriers facing foreign born adult women by creating mentoring opportunities and fiscal help for legal immigrants who are looking to improve their lives in America.

Dr. George Sehi founded the non-profit organization in 2015 to address the issue of legal immigrant women, who are not afforded the same educational or societal opportunities as their male counterparts.

Their goals maybe getting a GED, a graduate degree or baccalaureate degree or any goals they may have,” he told the Journal-News. “If you take a look at the statistics there are 29,000 foreign born women who live in the tri-state area and those women have more than a high school diploma and less than a baccalaureate degree and their income is lower than the natives and the employment rate is higher. So there is really a need to get these women more education and land a good career.

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