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Our Services

Women Walking West (W3) depends heavily on the work and commitment of its volunteers who are selected based on their level of education and their academic or industrial experience. The approval process to accept a volunteer is comprehensive in order to make sure they are competent in their field of expertise and also possess a high level of integrity that matches the values established by W3. When women contact W3, they are assigned to a Case Manager that will monitor and assist in their progress until each woman’s goal is met. Case Managers are W3 staff, and they are in constant communication with the women seeking help. Below are examples of services provided by Women Walking West:

Career Advising

Women who need career advising are referred to qualified advisors who will assist them in selecting an appropriate college major. W3 recruits career advisors who have significant experience and are current or retired faculty or counselors from post-secondary education institutions.


W3 depends on its partners who are seasoned faculty or professionals in various fields. They work with women on an on-going basis to ensure their progress until the women no longer need assistance or until they achieve their educational goals


W3 has a database of tutors in various disciplines. Tutors are competent individuals who are proficient in their field of study. W3 is able to match qualified tutors with women seeking assistance.

Financial Support

W3 will provide partial financial support to women through a selection process. Scholarships can only be used for tuition and fees. W3 also provides cash awards. Women who seek financial support have to submit an online application. The selection committee established by W3 will review all applications and, based on the established criteria, will select and notify the scholarship or cash award recipients.

Internship or Co-op

Women who are seeking co-op or internship opportunities are advised by co-op advisors who have significant and recent experience. Advisors will refer the women to local companies who are seeking co-op students or interns. W3 works with local industry on an on-going basis and has a database of companies which hire co-op students or interns. Women could also be referred to their home institutions where they are enrolled to seek assistance in finding co-op or internship positions.